WES B United States

"Right from the start, Adam provided knowledge that is unrivalled by any Youtube Tutorial or Producer Forum. From the best workflow processes and production tips, to insight into the industry and how to get to where you want to be; there is no better choice. I do sessions with Adam using FL Studio, and even though he is on Logic, I am still able to absorb and apply everything to my DAW."

JAY DATESH United States

"Working with Adam can literally shave years off of your learning curve. I spent about 2 years watching Youtube videos and reading books, but it wasn’t until I started doing one-to-ones with Adam did I really notice step-wise improvements. I am still a ways off from where I want to be, but I believe that working with Adam will help me get there. I would recommend him to anyone really serious about producing trance."


“I've been teaching myself for a few years now and struggled with getting the right professional sound, YouTube is great for starting out and i have learnt a lot but if you're serious about making trance then i recommend getting in touch with Adam, Not only is he talented he's a top bloke, I've had one session and already I can tell a difference with my music and most  importantly it has given me a lot of confidence.”

RADIKK United States

“Adam has helped me a TON with my productions always being brutally honest and thoroughly answering any questions i have. The guy has a genuine interest in improving your tunes as it shows when I compare old projects to new. More importantly he doesn't hold anything back. He has developed a system for himself as a producer that allows him to get right into what we are all here for, to make GOOD music.”


Doing online tutorials only got me so far. If you want to address your sticking points, do yourself a favor and get one-on-one tuition from someone like Adam. Had I found out about his services early, I could have saved myself a lot of time, heartache, and headache.

MARTIN CAPE United Kingdom

Adam is a legend. I’ve had a few lessons with him now, and every time I feel like I have learned or achieved something. His methods are simple, yet very effective, which is really refreshing after being stuck in a cycle for so long. Also, to know that you have a professional ear just an email away, is amazing. If I get stuck, or need advice outside of a lesson, render out, send the email, and let Adam do his magic!


I've been working with Adam around 15 months now, and in that space of time I've improved dramatically. Adam was able to identify key areas where I needed work and showed me in a simple manner how to focus my work to improve my weaknesses.

My workflow, knowledge of producing and mixing tracks in vastly improved. In addition to the above I also use a different DAW to Adam, however this has not hindered the process at all. The tips tricks and techniques I have learned were shown via logic but were easily transferred into my DAW.

Lastly, I have attended a number of studio days spending 2-3 days with Adam in his studio, this for me is a huge advantage as I get to see first hand how Adam works, it was much easier to make notes, pick up new knowledge and I definitely took a huge amount away with me from those studio days. If anyone is thinking of taking the plunge I cannot recommend this service enough.

UTHMAN KHAN United States

The best way to describe Adams teaching is that I came to learn something and not only to learn that but I also learned the inns and outs and the details of everything around what I intended to do. In other words Adam is very thorough and extremely organized and will make you the same way.

When I first started, I had no idea about trance music. I didn’t know what it was.All I knew was sound and what sounds good and what sounds bad in my head. Therefore I wanted to exploit that talent of understanding sound (because of my synesthesia) and make that into some sort of talent or create something out of it.

Unlike some producers, I wasn’t looking to make money rather I was looking to create beautiful sounds.

Adam took me from the beginning, from scratch, understanding how to use logic as he would look at my screen and see where I am clicking and how I am clicking and change things around to make it more efficient for me.

Now not only do I understand trance music but I can create it, I understand the different methodologies, I know what to look for and listen to, and I know how to break the rules.

I am also able to see through the tunes, respect producers and artists, and I can actually see where producers take shortcuts and where they don’t take shortcuts. Studying under Adam took my recognition of music to a whole new level. Like I said before I did not know what trance music was and now with Adam I am creating professional level trance music.